In recognition of her professional career

Photo: Airbus

Airbus-CTO Dr. Sabine Klauke Chosen to Receive Aachen Engineering Award

The aerospace industry is facing what is possibly the biggest challenge in its history: the transition to sustainable aviation. Decarbonization is a huge challenge for the aviation sector. As Chief Technology Officer at Europe's largest aerospace group, Airbus, Dr. Sabine Klauke will play a decisive role in shaping this transformation. Born in Aachen, she has helped shape projects such as the A380 and A350 for the company in the past. Her credo is: “We can only turn our vision for change into reality through people. We must walk the path of progress together with the people."

In recognition of her professional career and for the impact she has already made in her current role as Chief Technical Officer at Airbus, RWTH and the City of Aachen will present Dr. Sabine Klauke with the Aachen Engineering Award in a ceremony on Saturday, September 7, 2024 in the Coronation Hall of Aachen City Hall. Prior to the award ceremony, she will give a keynote speech in front of the University’s graduates at this year's Graduation Celebration on the grounds of the CHIO Aachen World Equestrian Festival.

“We humans want to fly – safely, but also comfortably. At the same time, we are seeing a shift in thinking, as we are more aware of the environmental impact aviation. Dr. Sabine Klauke is taking on this major challenge of making aviation more sustainable – she advocates for new technologies and how they can be implemented through and with the people,” said Professor Ulrich Rüdiger, Rector of RWTH Aachen University.

“Dr. Sabine Klauke is actively tackling transformation and climate protection and is therefore a role model for many companies in the technology sector. According to her, this transformation is only possible in close collaboration with the people – this is an attitude that is in tune with the times,” said Aachen's Mayor Sibylle Keupen.

Sabine Klauke has held various positions at Airbus since 2002. As Chief Technology Officer, she is responsible for decarbonization of flight as well as other key topics, such as digital transformation and Industry 4.0. What is important to her is to see progress: "Flying must remain accessible to everyone, it must not become a luxury good – everyone in the industry agrees on that.”

The Aachen Engineering Award is presented jointly by RWTH and the City of Aachen, thanks to the kind support of VDI, the Association of German Engineers, which sponsors the prize. It is annually awarded to a prominent personality whose work has significantly contributed to a positive perception of engineering or science or to driving further development. This is the tenth time the award will be presented.

The first winner was Professor Berthold Leibinger, deceased in 2018, a TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG partner. He was followed by Professor Franz Pischinger, founder of Aachen-based FEV GmbH; astronaut Thomas Reiter; Professor Manfred Weck, the long-time director at RWTH's Laboratory for Machine Tools WZL; Professor Emmanuelle Charpentier, microbiologist and co-inventor of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene scissors; entrepreneur Hans Peter Stihl, technology pioneer Sebastian Thrun, science journalist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, and finally, last year, the then BASF CTO Dr. Melanie Maas-Brunner.